Cannabis Ice Tea

Summer is coming so it's time to think how you are going to quenches your thirst even in the most sweltering day.

HEMP tea is great for that! It is so much healthier than any soda drink, is sugar-free and artificial dyes-free.

So little is needed to enjoy the great taste of hemp iced tea without food colouring, sugar and chemicals. The whole procedure is very simple, requires some time, but it's worth.

Simply leave the Hemp brew to cool down, at least a few hours. Try to make the brew a day before then you can easily go to the next step. Throw some fruits, herbs or even vegetables. You can drink it right away or put it back in the fridge for few hours to make a more intensive flavour. Sometimes the best results require leaving for whole night. After some time fruits will gives a completely new flavour, making HEMP tea even more delicious. Throw in a few ice cubes and enjoy the ice cold HEMP tea infused with Summer.

We are happy to show you some of our version of cannabis ice tea.


  • Blackberry, Lemon, Mint


1 Litre Hemp Tea

1 cup Blackberries

Half Lemon

Fresh Mint Leaves

First, simply add the Blackberries into a jar, take a muddler or regular spoon to breakdown the fruit releasing some of the juices. Peel lemon to avoid unpalatable result and slice then simply take Mint leaves and gently bruise the leaves. You can drink it right away, but the flavour intensifies if it's made an hour or two ahead. If you don't want to drink fruit bits, use a small wire strainer to remove them as you pour the tea into your drinking glass.


  • Cucumber, Lemon, Mint


1 Litre Hemp tea

few slices Cucumber

few slices Lemon

Fresh Mint Leaves

Slice the Cucumber, you can leave the skin on, that will enrich the flavour. To avoid a bitter taste peel the lemon from their skin, also tear each Mint leaf in half to release its flavour. Place all ingredients in mason jar and pour cold Hemp tea over it. Leave the mixture overnight in the fridge. Enjoy great refreshing taste the next day.


  • Grapefruit, Dill


1 Litre Hemp Tea

1 Grapefruit

few Dill

If you need a change from fruit flavoured drinks, try this herb and grapefruit mixture. Fill your water bottle or jar with cold Hemp tea, pouring brew directly onto the grapefruit causing it to break into pieces. Then cut the rind away from the grapefruit and cut into horizontal slices, so they can release their flavour and lower into tea, add dill, remembering it is very powerful in flavour, so be careful not to use too much.  Infuse in the fridge for four hours, then add some ice and enjoy!